Monday, August 9, 2010

Jeggings...Are You In?

for those of you who have been shopping within the last two weeks you have seen the crazy phenomenon in back to school shopping.  the name: jeggings.

tman thought i was joking when i returned home and told him i had purchased a pair.  he laughed.  apparently he thought my sarcastic sense of humor was in effect.  sadly it was not.

what are jeggings you ask? behold:

the jegging
i think my real obsession is just that i love saying the name "jegging".  it just rolls off the tongue.  try it.  i decided to do a little research on this new phenomenon and found this:

"Just when you thought skinny jeans couldn't get any skinnier, the marketing geniuses at Topshop introduce a new term into our fashion vocabulary: Jeggings. (Or Treggings, to you Brits.) The brand's jean + legging hybrid is knit from cotton, polyester, and spandex, for that suck-it-in, painted-on look without the loss of circulation in your lower half. The Topshop site helpfully suggests that you pair these with an animal-print tunic (tunimal?). " (NY Magazine)

THIS IS NO JOKE.  jeggings are real and they are taking over the world.  remember when the thought of having worn pegged jeans made you cringe? before you know it, we are going to be looking back at the boot cut with that same distaste.  (i am praying this really never happens.  i love my boot cuts)  so brave the malls/Target/Walmart and pick yourself up a pair of jeggings.

i am not ashamed to say that i put those puppies on, and i loved them.  in fact, i wanted to purchase several pairs.  it's like wearing pajamas, except socially acceptable. so when you see me cruising in my jeggings, holla!


haha.  when i spell checked this post i found yellow marks everywhere! apparently jeggings isn't in the dictionary yet.