Friday, August 6, 2010

MAC Class

tonight i was able to attend a private class given by the MAC pro at our local MAC store.  i just like how that sounds so exclusive. in actuality, ANYONE can have a private class at any time.  just head into your local store and set up an appointment : )

i will say that the class was a delight, i learned a ton, and Marvin looks good in pink lipstick.  yes, Marvin is the name of the man/MAC pro who was teaching the class.  when Tman saw him he asked "is that guy wearing lipstick?" my response was "how else was he supposed to demonstrate the application??" 

we learned a lot of things such as the new VOILE VEIL look.  i am definitely doing a video on that soon.  very pretty and very easy to do.  we applied a full makeup look and i left drenched in MAC.  (it even smells good)  there were some cute girls in the class, this little lady is an aspiring makeup artist:

applying her Viva Glam lipstick in GAGA
cute sisters
i don't want to give out ALL the information Marvin gave me (then what will i have to post about for the next week?), but let me leave you with this gem:

"The ONLY rule of makeup - if you feel beautiful with it on, then you are doing it right." -Marvin