Monday, August 16, 2010

MAC Autumn/Winter 2010 Looks

i want to finish with all the lessons i learned from Mr. Marvin (the wonderful wizard of MAC).  during the class he taught us about the upcoming trends for fall so i thought i would give you the details of what to expect:

with fall quickly approaching new looks and styles are popping up everywhere.  here is a glimpse at some of the new makeup trends for fall.  keep in mind that these looks are defnitely more dramatic, and designed for runway.  the trick is learning how to tweak these into a style that is suitable for everyday wear, or more dramatic for a night out.  i will be posting vlogs on how to achieve some of these looks so stay tuned.

Trend #1: Redd Velvet

this is the lip of the season.  red, red, red.

Trend #2: Satin Eyes

while this look seems completely unrealistic for ANYTIME you can definitely make it work.  satin eyes focus on a very precise liquid line around the eye.  those of you who know me, know that i wear liquid liner almost daily (it's a favorite).  the way i would tweak this is to increase the boldness of my liner, make my liner a little bit more winged, and keep the color on the eyelid neutral. 

Trend #3: Voile Veil

if you haven't seen my tutorial on this, i would recommend it.  the voile veil look is all about diffusing color so that you cannot see where the color ends.  you want the color to look naturally blended into your skin, with no harsh lines.  this look also avoids eyeliner, let the lid color be the center of attention for once.

Trend #4: Fourply

this look continues the Voile Veil tradition of seemlessness.  the focus of this look is all about neutral colors that give subtle highlights and contours to the face.  it is about playing up your features, without playing with bright color.  it celebrates a flawless complexion, subtle highlights and lushly nude lips.

all right everyone, take these trends and run with them.  i would love to see/hear how you were able to make them work with your own unique style.  let me know.


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  1. I love the look of red lipstick, I've just never found the right shade for me that doesn't leave me looking like a street walker :) I'm thinking next time you come to town, I must have you do a little makeover on me!

    I'll bake you anything you want!
    (yep. that's me begging ;)