Wednesday, August 18, 2010

MAC Trend "Satin Eyes" A/W 2010

products i used for this video:
eyes: MAC "vanilla" and "naked lunch" eyeshadow
        CoverGirl Black pencil liner
        Almay "black pearl" liquid liner
        L'Oreal Voluminous mascara

checks: Clinique bronzer
            MAC "mocha" blush

lips: NYC eyeshadow (can't remember color name"
       Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss


  1. i am too busy watching intently to notice your nostril shots! also - is that your own hair in a braid used as a headband?

  2. Kelly!!! i woke up this morning to your comment. i keep meaning to ask and find out how everything is going. shoot me an e-mail, i would LOVE to hear.

    and yes, that is my own hair braided as a headband...would you like the tutorial? :)

  3. Your outtakes and the comment on the nostril shot are both so funny!

    When I saw this look on your pictures below, I wondered how in the world someone could carry this off in real life...but you do it so nicely!

    Yes, let's see a tutorial on your braided headband!

  4. You are fabulous! I love watching and learning from you... and to think I get to be your friend too! Your out takes are a crack-up. I love ya!

  5. How are contouring colors different from blush colors? I would like to see the headband tutorial as well.

  6. Kim,
    contouring colors can be ANYTHING you want them to be, it is more about how you apply them rather than the color. however i prefer cooler browns to contour with (looks more like a natural shadow) and a lot of times use MAC "omega" eyeshadow (it's perfect for contouring and for shading my brows). in the summer using a bronzer for contouring is nice because it makes you look a little tanner. does that answer your question?