Friday, September 10, 2010

Fall Fashion


i heart you.

went out to dinner this week with one of our fave couples and what does she show up wearing? this awesome top from H&M:

so chic right? and check out that jacket. $14.95?! how cute would this look paired with jeggings? (had to suggest it)

animal prints are spot on for fall and most of us have something or other hanging around our closets.  if you don't, consider parting with a ten spot to pick up one of these shirts.

military is back with a vengeance.  since this is a trend that seems to pop in and out of style, it is usually worth the investment.  somewhere in my closet i have a military jacket (that i purchase 8 years ago) that would suit this trend perfectly.  pair it with an animal print top and BOOYAH! (oh yeah, you better believe i just said booyah. haha)

take a second, go through your closet and see what you have. you may possibly have the perfect outfit just waiting to be found.



  1. How much do I wish we had an H&M here. On that note, how much do I wish that we had ANY good shopping here? ;)

  2. I've got zebra striped heels, does that count?

  3. Tiffani, being a TC original i feel your pain.

    Karen, you better believe it counts.