Friday, May 11, 2012

How to Choose Lipstick

which lipstick color works best for me??

lipstick used to really scare me.  in fact i had one color, Viva Glam V (amazing), that i wore every day and probably went through about 3 tubes in 3 years.  that's quite a feat.  the reason for this was because i felt i could wear this color with EVERYTHING and it was natural enough not to overwhelm my face.  fast forward a few years and you've probably seen me in A LOT of shades.  while there are no firm rules in makeup, here are some tips to follow if you need direction.

tip #1: find a color that matches the shade on the inside of your lip.  this is a color that will clash with nothing and will naturally be a color that suits you.

tip #2 try a nude. nude colored lipsticks match everything and you can't go wrong when the general rules of makeup are NUDE EYES and NUDE LIPS, NUDE EYES and DRAMATIC LIPS, DRAMATIC EYES and NUDE LIPS but avoid DRAMATIC EYES and DRAMATIC LIPS!

tip #3 be brave and try RED.  red can be worn by anyone, it is just a matter of choosing the right hue.  pink-skinned women look best in cherry red.  olive skin tones can wear fire-engine red. dark skin is best paired with deep reds.

tip #4 to avoid losing your lipstick color too quickly, fill in lips with liner first, then apply lipstick color.

good luck!



  1. This is just another reason that I need you to do a makeover on me when you're in town next! I want that perfect shade of red for me, but it alludes me. I either look like an old lady, or clownface. Not pretty ; )

  2. VGV is my go to lipstick for everything! it looks great on everyone and for every occasion!!!

  3. You empowered me to go red!!

    P.S. The foundation ROCKS MY WORLD!! What was I waiting for? $42 WELL. SPENT.

    Also, I'm loving baking soda as an exfoliator. You're the greatest.

    Love you!! xoxoxo