Wednesday, May 9, 2012

EOS Evolution of Smooth {Review}

i'm a mom. translation: i store a lip balm in every drawer, cupboard, car, purse, diaper bag. with three kids and a dry climate, keeping chapped lips at bay is hard work!

i first tried eos (short for Evolution Of Smooth) a few years ago. i purchased their mint lip balm and loved the creamy texture, the smooth feeling and the soothing coolness it gave to my lips. plus the cool round applicator made it not too "girly" for my son to use, FTW.

when eos offered to send me some newer products to try like their shave cream and hand lotion, i was elated. i already knew the lip balm was a winner, now to test the other products.

the shave cream is soft, silky and allows you to shave wet or dry. considering half the time i remember to shave is when i am OUT of the shower, the dry option was a major plus for me. the scents were nice, but not too strong and the container doesn't leave rust stains in my shower. like all things, it is slippery when wet, but the pump applicator is easy to handle.

the hand lotion didn't wow me as a lotion. it worked and worked well, but nothing i haven't tried before. the biggest benefit of this product is that it comes in a convenient slim container, making it a great item for travel. this little package would easily fit in the smartphone pocket of your purse and the shell is hard enough that there wouldn't be any accidental spills from pressure.

if you haven't tried eos, i would suggest jumping on the evolution of smooth train. guaranteed to leave all passengers happy.


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  1. Looks great ,love the Lip balms :)


  2. I absolutely love eos! I haven't tried their lotion yet but it's on my to-do list xoxo

  3. I love the vanilla shaving cream from EOS.