Sunday, September 26, 2010

Make Up For Ever Foundation Grail or Fail

have you heard of Make Up For Ever? many people haven't. it is not a brand used by most, but it is definitely used by the best. i first heard of Make Up For Ever through other makeup artists. they kept raving and raving about it's qualities. now having owned it for several months, i figured i would give you my review.

before i say anything, not everyone needs to wear foundation. some people are blessed with beautifully even skin. especially if you are under the age of 18, foundation can be a bit overkill. for those of us who like the look of flawless skin but weren't naturally born with it, this is the worth the investment.

at $40 a bottle it's a steep price to pay. because it works so well in photographs i invest the money. i use it sparingly because of the cost, and most often i stick to my drugstore brand foundations for daily wear. but when i really want the best coverage and color, i reach for my Make Up For Ever.

this foundation is silky smooth. the coverage is thick, but not too heavy. it leaves your skin looking beautiful without the caked on look foundation can sometimes have. there is a color for every skin tone. the reflective properties of this foundation are phenominal and that is why it is used in photography. my only complaint about this product is the price. beyond that, it is at the top of my Grail list.

if you are in the market for a higher end foundation, this is definitely worth a try. let me know what you think.



  1. hi! I found your blog through my photographer friend Kellie Anderson. I have rosacea so high quality foundation is my #1 beauty product! I am currently using Este Lauder Double Wear Light and I really like it. (It stays on all day and the coverage is good.) However, after reading your review, I want to give this one a try. It is linked to Amazon in your post but do you know if it is sold at beauty counters? I am nervous to buy on-line because I have no idea what shade I would need. Thanks for all the great beauty/style tips!

    1. Kim, thanks for stopping by the blog! You can find Make Up For Ever at any Sephora, and a customer representative can help you with color matching. If you live near a JCPenny's, many have a "mini Sephora" at their beauty counter and may have the product there as well. This would make a GREAT foundation for those with rosacea.

      Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any other questions.

  2. do you use this with any of their other products? like the primer or concealer? thanks!

    1. during the summer i always use a primer so that my makeup won't melt off my face. however i get a bit lazy in the fall/winter (plus i am in a rush to get my kids to school) and use the MUFE by itself. lasts all day and still looks great ;)