Friday, September 3, 2010

Too Many Pashminas?

for this week's fashion friday we're going to do a little recycling.  it is all about taking something old and making it new, without spending $$$.

i was recently perusing the Top Shop web site (i like to get outfit ideas here, they seem to be on top of the latest trends) and i found SNOODS.  what is a snood? it is a scarf that acts as a scarf/hood/hair wrap.  they had so many snoods to choose from it was only a question of which fabric i liked best. 

...and then i saw the price.  $30 for a snood? really!?

i know this little piece is adorable but i can't part with that many bones for something so simple.  this is where you get creative.  pashmina scarves have been around for years now and i'm sure all of you have a scarf or two in your closet.  i personally had three so i decided to do a little surgery.

Lay scarf flat and fold in half
Use fabric scissors to cut scarf in half
Take one half of the scarf and pin it's ends together
the next step is simple. sew :)

once you are complete enjoy your finished product.

wear it around your neck...
or as a hood. hence the name: SNOOD
i enjoy taking something old and making it new.  do you have any items you have done this with? if so, i would love to hear.



  1. Ask your sister...sewing is so not easy for me! But I may give it a try because this is adorable. Thanks for the ideas! Keep em coming!

  2. great blog :) thanks for the comment :)

    your doing great!! xx

  3. Dang it, if only I had a pashmina! I knew I should have bought one years ago when they were all the rage. It turned out super cute, Kristie!

  4. aw thats a great idea love it!! your doing a great job on your blog hun!!
    thanks for leaving a comment on my blog oh and if you want a chat or some tips just email me would love to help :) love sarah xxx

  5. thanks for you comments ladies! xo