Thursday, October 21, 2010

Contest UPDATE

okay everyone,

while i had a large response about this giveaway i have only had 3 entries! so if you still want a chance to enter, please get me your pictures by SATURDAY, October 23. i will be posting a page with the pictures on them. picture with the most votes(comments by you) wins. that simple.

here's a review of the rules:

i thought it would be fun to have another contest but this time i'm putting a little spin on it.

contest is for best halloween costume.

winner will receive $25 MAC gift card.
here are the rules:

1. YOU MUST FOLLOW MY BLOG TO ENTER. this is my way of saying thank you to all my readers. without you i would be nothing.

2. e-mail me a picture of your costume. and seriously guys, no fakes.

3. i will post the picture and winner will be decided by YOU.

leave a comment on the post declaring your vote. only one vote per person (this means "anonymous" votes will NOT count) picture with the most votes wins!

good luck and i can't wait to see your ideas. contest is open immediately and will close November 1st. winner will be contacted by me and gift card soon to follow.



  1. what a fun blog!! nice to meet someone from home. i'm glad you like the fashion video- share away!
    ps- you're the same age as my little brother carl mccain. do you know him?

  2. Hey! I don't want any more competition. ha ha.

  3. I'm super excited about this contest! We've got everything we need...I just need to figure out my makeup! :)
    Anyhoo, I absolutely LOVE your blog!!!! Thank you for all the time you put into it because it's definitely helping me!!! Thanks! <3

  4. AZ-thanks! carl mccain...that sounds familiar but i'm guessing he went to a different school.

    Annie-you gotta work for it! haha

    R&K-thank you! i love getting feedback like yours. :) looking forward to seeing your costume.

    Annie-S-it can definitely be a family pic. that will be fun to see.