Friday, October 15, 2010

DC Style, Dressing for Success

this last week, Tman and I drove the kids to Washington DC to experience all that DC has to offer. we visited museums, toured monuments, snapped pictures outside of the White House, rode to the top of the Washington Monument and walked the Mall.

here were some of the things i noticed about DC:

1. everyone exercised. whether it was running/bicycling/skating, people were out and moving. the only people who were out of shape were the tourists.

2. everyone walked with purpose. how do people manage to look so busy every second of the day? it was intense.

3. everyone was dressed for success. men and women alike. whether you were on the subway or in the streets. the social ladder was almost tangible. you could taste people's desire for success. this was reflected in their actions and appearance.

which brings up the idea, to play the part, you must look the part. the streets of DC were filled with professional looking people. they dressed well. they were stylish but not too trendy. their clothes were tailored. their hair was groomed.

if there is a job or promotion you are looking to get, do you project the ability to handle it? does your appearance reflect who you are?

think about the person you want to reflect to others and make sure you are presenting that person to the world. dress the part.


ps. of course i'm including a few shots of the trip. it was fun, amazing, and worth it. i love my family.

outside the White House

everyday we'd take 20 minutes to relax on the Mall.

loved visiting the Lincoln Memorial at night. it was beautiful.

the Capital Building

the DC Temple

and Shia LeBeouf exiting the Port-o-Potty. or is that Big Foot?


  1. What a great weekend!!

    As for dressing the part...right now my "part" is SAHM, but I firmly believe in getting dressed and ready for the day, every single day. To me, this includes hair and make up every day. It really helps me to feel not so schlumpy when I'm cleaning toilets or doing dishes :)

  2. How fun! Can't wait to see you next week :)

  3. You know, us DC-ers are just natural career fashionistas. We try to make up for the fact that we're not a state by being in a state of awesome.

  4. Tiffany, here here. i completely agree with you. even just putting a little bit of effort into getting myself ready for the day makes a huge difference in how i feel.

    Meg, count down has begun!

    Deb, thought of you while we were there. you are always in a state of awesome. haha.

  5. Fun! People watching is so informative.