Friday, November 12, 2010

Fashion Friday {Casual Chic}

it doesn't take a lot to look chic, it's more about the attitude and how you present it. chic can be a flowy dress or slim jeans and a white T. whatever your chic, give it your own panache.

here's a glimpse at my Casual Chic:

skinny jeans/jeggings: i know i know, most aren't a fan of jeggings but they are surprising comfortable. and when i say jeggings, i'm not referring to leggings that have a jean print on them, i am referring to the actual jegging, which are jeans that have phenomenal stretch to them.

a roomy jersey constructed top. this is my alternative to the white T. i love a good Tshirt, but throwing on a roomy jersey top has a little more flare while not compromising comfort. just take a look at my closet...roomy jerseys have taken over!

a tote or hobo. i love my big bags. my philosophy with all things is typically, the bigger the better. i love a good bag with lots of space to store my diapers, wipes, makeup essential kit, wallet, gum, cell phone, miscellaneous toys, dental floss, chapstick, (sometimes a video camera), and more. i always think a big bag can be incredibly chic.

sunglasses. even in winter a pair of sunglasses can be utilized. i live in the land of gray skies so i am not wearing these everyday, but it lifts my spirits when the sun is shining and i am cruising through town with my shades on.

my sequin beret. i can hear the groans already. i love this beret. it's casual, it's shiny, and it makes my bedhead look chic. i am one of those 'wash your hair every other day' type of girls and the beret is the perfect solution to "second day" hair. throwing on this beret instantly dresses up my outfit from schlumpy to chic.

these are just a few of my Casual Chic solutions. any additions from you are always appreciated!



  1. I'd love to see this beret. Pictures please!

    My casual might be considered a bit more dressy than another's. I'm not a t-shirt and jeans kind of person. I wear jeans every day, but I usually always choose something for a top that's a bit dressier. Cute shirt with a cardigan and a belt, flowy top, etc... I've had people ask me why I "dress up" every day, to me it's not dressing up. To me it's how I am most comfortable. I feel good when I'm put together. Even if I'm just cleaning toilets during the day or doing laundry, I still like to feel good. Am I making any sense, or just rambling? ;)

  2. I have seen the beret and let me tell you, it is chic. She is right, it does dress up her outfits. Looks really cute. There is no way I could pull it off.

  3. Tiff-i couldn't agree more. "dressing up" just makes me feel good, even while i'm cleaning toilets. haha

    Ang-thank you. and btw, you could totally pull it off. :)