Friday, November 19, 2010

Fashion Friday {Family Photos}

confession: my family is taking family photos as you are reading this. this post is a little self serving...sorry.

after doing the makeup for the awesome lady seen in the post below, i was introduced to her photographer Danielle Neil. of course i went creeping through her blog to check out her work and stumbled upon this amazing post What To Wear For Your Family Photo Session. Brilliant. She lays it out in plain terms, how to color coordinate, match without matching, and look your best.

i think too often we get stuck in the idea that family photos are comprised of the entire family, posed, in matching polo shirts, khaki pants, and the boys all have bowl cuts. sound familiar? probably every family picture taken in the 80's embodies this look.

these days family pictures should display your family's personality, character, and personal style. Danielle Neil gives piece by piece instruction on how to do just that.

with the Holidays quickly approaching, most of you are bustling to get that family picture together for your Christmas cards. if you could use ideas on how to best arrange your clothing, head over to Danielle's site and take a look. it is extremely helpful.

wish me luck on our own family photos...hopefully i am not wrestling a child to the ground and begging them to smile.


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  1. Can't wait to see your family photos and I'm glad that the what to wear post was helpful!!