Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Style Tip {Fashion Friday}

my husband is involved with a program that combines two genres together. which means, every year we have three Christmas parties to attend for his work alone. each individual program has their own party, and then the combined program celebrates on it's own as well.

with all these holiday parties it can be tricky coming up with outfits without purchasing a new Holiday wardrobe. to me, a Holiday outfit is a little flashier than your typical cocktail attire. here are some ideas to stretch your clothing budget, and still look good.

1. instead of buying a new dress, how about buying a new cardigan? throwing a new cardigan over an old dress refreshes the outfit. some of my favorite holiday cardis are the ones with sequins. while J. Crew has this cardigan for $189

i picked up this cardigan for $24 from Forever 21. (please ignore the flannel underneath and the Erkel glasses...ew)

i know i know it doesn't touch the J.Crew cardi in quality, but for a holiday look, it's perfect. i'll be pairing it with a pink lace top and a black pencil skirt.

my next party i have a little black dress that i plan on throwing this sequined vest over. thank you again Forever21 but could you please leave the glasses at home?

2. purchase a few pieces of costume statement jewelry. finesse that simple dress with this necklace from Charlotte Russe $12

3. raid your friend's closet. this is something i had no problem doing at 16 but why not at 29? in fact, i just had a girlfriend come over and borrow a cute silver dress i wore last year. just because i don't want to wear it two years in a row, doesn't mean it shouldn't be worn.

4. experiment. you probably have a great outfit just waiting to be discovered. look through your favorite clothing brand websites and then go back through your closet with a fresh eye. there is sure to be an outfit that you hadn't considered pairing together until now.



  1. I'm not gonna lie. I may have tried on the dress when I got home and danced around a little.

    Or a lot.

    Thank goodness for fashionable friends!!

  2. Thanks for this post! My husbands big holiday party is tomorrow, I was just brainstorming what to wear... I just don't know what tops I could wear with a necklace like the one you posted. Do I wear diamond studs with a necklace like that? Chandelier earrings or even just hanging ones seem like it would be a lot to handle!

  3. haha, i hope it worked for you Deb. keep that groove going for your party...

    Stef, i would probably stick with studs or simple drop earrings for a necklace like that. OR, if you have the chandelier earrings, go for a simple necklace. you don't want your jewelry to compete, just compliment. i hope you have fun at your party!

  4. Great ideas, Kristie! I saw a darling cardigan at Target this morning. It's a deep purple (my favorite color this fall/winter) with a few rows of purple sequins and large purple buttons. I almost bought it, but remembered that I already have a purple cardigan at home ;)

    Love the jewelry!