Friday, January 21, 2011

Fashion Friday {D.I.Y. Style}

i recently came across a blog recommended by my friend kiki. the name of the blog is MADE. the woman who created it is always coming up with these great DIY projects and she is a wiz at designing clothes that are simple, chic, and easy to create yourself. one of her recent posts was how to make this skirt:

Winter Skirt Tutorial Here
this photo really doesn't do the skirt justice. if you click through on the link above you will see more pictures, an adorable spring skirt she made from the same pattern, and simple instructions on how to DIY.

i hope you enjoy her blog as much as i did because it is amazing. plus she has a penchant for Texas which is a state dear to my heart. don't mess with Texas.


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  1. i seriously love her. She makes everything so simple and doable for everyone. love it.:)