Friday, January 7, 2011

Fashion Friday {Winter Schlump}

okay, i am writing this post with a slight hint of desperation. i need your help. i have fallen into that dreaded winter slump where it is SO COLD outside that the only thing i am willing to dress myself in is this:

which is cute occassionally but becomes a slight problem when i wear it every. single. day. i can't help myself. i just want something that is comfy (stretchy jeggings) warm (crocheted boots) and easy (jersey tee).

i decided to head to my new favorite fashion website and try to put together an outfit that is casual, but realistic. here's what i came up with:

casual but cute. please, help me. if you have any good ideas for looking cute while staying warm i would love to hear.



  1. i love it! adore those shoes..and girl, when you live in the frigid deserve to be WARM and COMFY!

  2. cute black yoga pants, lace bottomed cami (any color) and grey fleecy hoodie. top it off with dangly earrings and new running shoes. this outfit works for me once a week in central wisconsin where it's oh so cold. 6 below when I got up this morning.

    love the outfit you put together although in snowy weather those shoes wouldn't work so well.

  3. Kiki, love ya! ps. congrats again on the news spot!

    Jen, thanks for the idea. i'm definitely on board with the the yoga pants and grey fleecy hoodie (you know i love grey). i haven't considered dressing that up with cute earrings etc. i'll give it a try.