Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

hello everyone! it's so good to be back to bloggin'. these last two weeks have been crazy with family visiting, the holidays, and keeping my children (who are out of school) preoccupied. thanks for understanding.

to start off the new year let's begin with a makeup tip. i received some fun makeup stuff for Christmas but my favorite product was definitely the Beauty Blender.

this cute little sponge is Hollywood's secret to that flawless airbrushed look. by applying your makeup with a sponge, you will get great coverage and no harsh lines. to achieve a dewy fresh face, simply dip your sponge in some water, squeeze out the excess, and apply your foundation. by dampening your sponge first you will ensure that your foundation is applied with consistency and an even application, giving your face an overall flawless look.


ps. here is reader Jen's tip on how she gets her dewy skin (while saving money on product):

Immediately aftering showering apply moisturizer to face and then apply foundation with moisturized fingers to moisturized face. The foundation goes on smoothly and flawlessly. Let dry a couple minutes before applying more makeup.

thanks Jen!