Tuesday, February 8, 2011

NAKED Palette by Urban Decay {Grail or Fail}

one of the perks of spending the week with sisters is that we get to swap beauty ideas, tips, and tricks. my sister Stephanie has recently purchased the NAKED Palette by Urban Decay which is something i have had my eye on for several months. since this palette was first released it has been hard to obtain, due to its popularity. the colors are a great variety of neutrals that look good on EVERYONE. these colors range from champagne to gunmetal with everything from glitter, to shimmer, to matte.

while Stephanie loves the colors and the variety there are a few downfalls. she feels the primer is not as good as the MAC paints. i love MAC paint so it is hard to imagine anything better. second, while the colors are gorgeous the application is not as smooth as a more expensive shadow. this tends to always be the case. you really are paying for quality when you invest in a more expensive shadow.

overall the rating for this is a GRAIL. it really is a good investment for the amount of product that you receive, as well as it is practically fail proof colors. if you want a nicer eyeshadow palette with variety, i would definitely recommend this product. this will keep you on top of current makeup trends and colors...for the time being :)



  1. I can't wait to try this! Sounds amazing!

  2. Dannii, all i can say is if you find it, BUY IT. these palettes are hard to come by. ;)

  3. Obsessed with this palate! lmao soooo amazing!