Monday, February 7, 2011

Eyelash Extensions

my lack of posting last week was due to the fact that i spent it in Washington visiting my family. have i mentioned how much i love my family? i currently have three siblings who live there as well as my parents. when i found out another sibling would be visiting i figured i better buy a ticket because getting together doesn't come easy with a large family, and if more than half are already gathered, i better join in. thankfully my brother and his wife decided to make the trip and my other cute sil had to leave her husband (my brother) home working but came to visit anyway!

there typically tends to be a lot of laughing, teasing, eating, and shopping that takes place (just a few of my favorite things) but this weekend was particularly special. my sister who lives in Arizona was just trained in how to apply eyelash extensions. the weekend was a little lash crazy but well worth it! we each had a turn getting eyelashes applied as well as others were able to learn how to apply the lashes because once the AZ sister is gone, they want those lashes to continue looking gorgeous.

here is a picture of me, mid-lash application:

it's a little scary but cellphone cameras aren't the most flattering. you can see the difference is dramatic between the two eyes.

eyelash extensions are synthetic lashes that are glued to your existing eyelash. each synthetic eyelash is glued to one individual eyelash, and should stay on as long as the life of the eyelash. your eyelashes, like all of your body hair, sheds and replaces itself on a continual basis, so the life of these synthetic eyelashes should last approximately 4-6 weeks. at that point, you will probably need a "fill" to place more synthetic lashes on the new eyelashes that have grown in.

i have only had the lashes on for a few days and there are a few things i've noticed:
  • you can't touch your eyes! too much handling of the lashes will cause them to fall out.
  • you cannot splash water on them. washing your face now takes more care, i just use a wash cloth to wash and take care to wipe around the eyes, and not over them.
  • you cannot use pencil liner. i am okay with that because my addiction to liquid liner is no problem.
  • you cannot wear mascara.
  • you look like you have permanent makeup on.
  • you wake up in the morning looking like a million bucks
  • when pregnant, this gives you a little boost of beauty :)
  • i already love them.
i'll try to get a picture of the finished product up soon!



  1. I knew something was different when I saw you this morning, but I didn't want to seem wierd and saying anything. Kind of like when you see someone right after they get a boob job. :) Anyway, the eyelashes look a-mazing.

  2. Hi Kristie - they look fabulous. Just thought I'd give you some additional info on care.
    If they're true eyelash extensions applied w/ semi-permanent adhesive
    - You can get them wet (swim, shower, etc) AFTER 48 hours.
    - You can use eye pencils and mascara. They just have to be oil-free or look for products specifically made for eyelash extensions like:

  3. hey....i totally noticed at the store when i saw you today, and they looked great! sorry i didn't say anything....i must have been rudely interrupted by the yogurt stocking lady! haha! how nice to not "be able" to wear mascara! :) i need those with my ghostly white lashes!

  4. haha, thanks for the comments ladies. :)