Monday, September 19, 2011

Makeup (Your) Questions (My) Answers

Hey my beauty friend!! I need some advice.. I feel like I'm 50 because of the lines, wrinkles, and bags that have recently appeared under my eyes. What is a good anti-aging cream for under eyes that will help make the wrinkles etc go away? Any easy makeup tips to help hide them?
Crows Feet
Dear CF
In my early twenties I worked for a Plastic Surgeon as an Aesthetician. We sold a skin care line that claims to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and irregular pigmentation, for approximately $300 a package. The most effective ingredient in the whole line? Retin-A. A prescription written for all people who purchased the products.

Retin-A is simply a cream form of Vitamin A that helps to rejuvenate your skin. It comes in different prescription strengths but even the lowest strength will be more effective than the most expensive over the counter product. Most primary care physicians are happy to write a prescription and your co-pay is probably cheaper than any cream you can buy.

As far as hiding them goes...your best bet is a good concealer. Even if you don't use foundation, a few dabs of concealer under your eyes goes a long way. I have had the best luck with MAC Pro longwear. It is $16 a bottle but lasts FOREVER.
I hope that helps.



Hi Kristie,

I have a question and didn't know how to post it so I decided to email you.

I saw your tutorial on how to apply mascara and I think it was really helpful. My main concern when I use mascara is when I have to remove it. Usually a couple of lashes come off with it. Since I have so few I don't know what to do to avoid this. Any suggestions??

Losing Lashes


Dear LL

thanks so much for the e-mail. i love hearing from readers and being able to answer questions. i guess i would have a few questions for you first. do you use a waterproof mascara or a regular mascara? when removing your mascara, do you use a makeup remover, face wash, or towelette?
the reason i ask is because waterproof mascaras are often more difficult to remove, thus losing more eyelashes. also, the makeup remover you use makes a difference. using a product that will dissolve the product better, means less eyelashes lost.
i wouldn't worry too much, unless you are losing a large quantity of eyelashes. most people lose several a day and the lashes are in a continual state of regrowth. i hope this was helpful.


thanks everyone for your questions and keep them coming! i really do love hearing from you. and i just want to say i am baffled. NO ONE has entered the halloween costume contest! it is so simple. just comment with a costume idea, THAT'S ALL, and some new makeup could be yours :)


  1. Okay, okay! I have an idea. It's slightly inappropriate and not at all church-halloween party recommended (kind of like me). No makeup really needed but I saw this once and it was the best costume I've seen to date:
    -Take a rectangular cardboard box and paint to look like a dresser. Cut out arm and head holes.
    -Glue an alarm clock (with time set at 2 am) to the top of the dresser as well as a condom wrapper (opened and empty. I'm not going to tell you how to get it) as well as a fake pack of open cigarettes (FAKE for goodness sakes. I'm not completely amoral).
    -Place Lamp shade on your head.
    Congratulations. You are a One Night Stand.

  2. Hey Krispie Leigh!
    You know we love halloween costumes! Some oldies, but goodies (and you know where to find our photos on FB!):
    Papa Smurf & Smurfette
    Jack-in-the-box & the Burger King
    The Jolly Green Giant & a can of Niblets
    Bee Keeper & Bee
    Where's Waldo and Where's Wanda
    This year, we're going for Gumby & his horse.
    *Remember - all costumes are funnier when they're home-made and when they are totally cumbersome to wear! :) ~Elizabeth

  3. Debbie...a one night stand? how dare you.

    i love it.

    Elizabeth, i love your costumes! you and Dan will forever be some of the best costumers we have met :) miss you guys.

    Ladies, I am posting both of your comments with the others in the Costume Contest post. Thanks for submitting. xo