Thursday, September 15, 2011

Make Your Own Halloween Costume Contest

i know it is only mid-September but Halloween is right around the corner if you are a Halloween enthusiast like myself. [insert evil laugh here]

i was brainstorming for some Halloween costume ideas, particularly makeup ideas, and i thought i would bring it to my audience for some help.

i have decided to host a contest for Halloween makeup/costume ideas. here's how it goes. for each Halloween costume idea, you will receive ONE entry (maximum of three ideas per person). if you have a picture to include of the costume, an additional entry.

you might be asking, what's in it for me? well i'll tell you, it's good. real good. the winner will receive an official kudos from me...

still not worth it? how about one two eyeshadows from Bare Minerals including falls hottest teal eyeshadow trend.

dare shadow/liner

exquisite shadow

contest will end September 30th so be sure to get your entry in! btw, you must be a follower to enter.

good luck!


  1. alrighty!!! your post today has prompted my creative side to think of something good to go as for Halloween. I dont like 'dressing up' and spending a ton of $$$ on costumes so.... what about going as a crazed hairstylist/ makeup artist. You could use all the fun bright colors that dont get used for every day wear and go crazy with big hair going all over the place. Then just smear some make up and tear your cloths a little and it would look really fun!... or at least it does in my head lol!

  2. Oh another cute idea is to go as a bag of jelly beans. Clear plastic trash bag, fun balloons, a cute ribbon, and some legging = cheap and cute all in one :)

  3. Okay, okay! I have an idea. It's slightly inappropriate and not at all church-halloween party recommended (kind of like me). No makeup really needed but I saw this once and it was the best costume I've seen to date:
    -Take a rectangular cardboard box and paint to look like a dresser. Cut out arm and head holes.
    -Glue an alarm clock (with time set at 2 am) to the top of the dresser as well as a condom wrapper (opened and empty. I'm not going to tell you how to get it) as well as a fake pack of open cigarettes (FAKE for goodness sakes. I'm not completely amoral).
    -Place Lamp shade on your head.
    Congratulations. You are a One Night Stand.

  4. Hey Krispie Leigh!
    You know we love halloween costumes! Some oldies, but goodies (and you know where to find our photos on FB!):
    Papa Smurf & Smurfette
    Jack-in-the-box & the Burger King
    The Jolly Green Giant & a can of Niblets
    Bee Keeper & Bee
    Where's Waldo and Where's Wanda
    This year, we're going for Gumby & his horse.
    *Remember - all costumes are funnier when they're home-made and when they are totally cumbersome to wear! :) ~Elizabeth

  5. Lion tamer (wife), lion (hubby), and clown for the little guy. I have no idea how to include a photo, maybe I will email. A one-year old clown is hilarious.