Thursday, October 20, 2011

DIY Beauty Treatments

i have to share this quick little anecdote. the other day Tman and i were in the kitchen eating lunch and Tman says to me, "what's up with these new Bounty rolls? they are shorter than normal". i of course start cracking up and explain that i cut off 1/3 to use for my makeup remover towels (which i did weeks ago). i laugh even harder when i hear him explain that he thought i was trying to be frugal and save money by cutting the towel roll in half. he debated whether or not to say anything and then just could not hold it in any longer. what a guy. he puts up with my crazy antics, even when he doesn't understand them.

if you would like to make your own makeup remover towels, you can check out my post here. they also make great wipes when your daughter has broken into your makeup drawer and "helped herself".

with that said, here are a few more DIY beauty treatments, courtesy of Glamour magazine.

1.   brown sugar + milk = body exfoliator
2.   yogurt + honey = sensitive-skin and redness remedy
3.   safflower oil + sunflower oil = scalp treatment
4.    petroleum jelly + raw, unrefined sugar = lip scrub (love this one, just     grab an extra packet of sugar next time you are at a restaurant)
5.    a dash of salt + water = surf spray for hair
6.    rosewater + coconut milk = relaxing bath
7.    warmed-up olive oil = prewash treatment for hair
8.    green tea + water = toner
9.    lemon juice + chamomile tea = hair lightener
10. epsom salt + almond oil + cinnamon oil + sandalwood oil +   allspice oil = hand and foot scrub (or you could skip all the oils and just use vegetable/olive oil)

if you have any good homemade DIY treatments, please share!



  1. Kristie,

    I smiled out loud imagining Trev saying that about the paper towels? Love the DIY tips, and am going to use the lip scrip and body exfoliator ASAP now that the cold weather has set in.

    We sure miss you guys and hope you're doing well. Yesterday Ben commented that he has lots of friends, but not a best friend like Cohen. We got to see John Carpenter last night and laughed so hard for hours.

    P.S. I'd love to see pictures of Miss O.

  2. I meant lip scrub. But lip scrip sounds pretty cool. Maybe it's somewhere in Urban Dictionary. :)

  3. Nollie, sure do miss you and your family. we are loving it here but it will definitely take time to find the friendships we had in the 'bus. maybe we can meet up in tri town or SLC one of these days :)

    ps. Trev says "tell Andy to eat a Thurmanator for me"


  4. thanks for posting this!!! really cool tips! short but concise. ;)

  5. That cracked me up about your husband, haha! Sounds like something my husband would say :)

    I love all these "recipes" for beauty products. I have one question. What exactly is the point of toner? I vary between astringent and toner but I'm not really sure of the purpose....(besides the fact that it makes my face feel super clean)!

  6. thanks Reena!

    Emily, from what i understand, toner and astringent both are just a form of cleanser. they typically remove any remaining dirt, makeup, etc., without needing to be rinsed. it is an extra step in cleansing, kind of like flossing after you brush.

  7. I love your blog! you have may interesting posts I found your blog after you commented on my blog on the hard candy eyeliner post, now following :)

  8. This post rocks! I would be so delighted if you would link it up to Spa{ahhh} Sundaze! ( Your newest follower, Carrie

  9. I love homemade products! They can sometimes be just as effective as more expensive ones and so natural too.

    Lovely blog - thanks for following me x