Thursday, October 27, 2011

No Makeup {Makeup Look}

it's the theme this week. getting yourself together without any fuss. 5 minute makeup, quick curls, all tips to get you out the door without investing an hour of your time. this post is how to look good while wearing no makeup (yet actually wearing a little bit of makeup).

you're watching t.v. and the main character rises from bed to start the day and they look fresh although they don't seem to be wearing makeup. you wonder, "why don't i look that great when i wake up?"

i'll tell you why, because they are wearing MAKEUP! photographs, commercials, movies, they all do it. they can make a person look like they are wearing no makeup while the person is actually wearing a TON of makeup. there are few people who have naturally flawless skin, dark lashes, rosy cheeks. i am not implying that if you don't wear makeup, you don't look good, it's just that the perfection the media portrays is not realistic.

SO, if you are one of the many woman who prefer not to wear makeup, here are some steps that can help enhance your no makeup, makeup look.

  • apply a lip and cheek stain. they're not heavily pigmented, they don't give sharp color, they simply enhance the color already there.
  • conceal under your eyes. you may not like having a face full of foundation but a small dot of concealer under your eyes goes a long way.
  • curl your lashes. no mascara needed. curled lashes help your lashes look thicker, longer, and fuller.
your beautiful mug is now ready to meet the world, makeup'd or not.




  1. Stef, exactly! looking good with little effort :) thanks for joining. xo

  2. I should seriously try and make myself look a little ok each day! I head off with the 5 kids in sweat pants tees and usually a hoodie so I am a bit of a bum makeup is probably something I should consider as well as a pair of nice pants and tee lol...
    Thanks so much for coming over to I am glad I mad eyou laugh :) What is life without laughter?!