Monday, November 7, 2011

what NOT to wear

so the hubs and i were shopping this weekend (for christmas of course!) and we made a quick trip into Nordstrom Rack to check out the goods. i instantly fell in love with a gorgeous fur jacket (faux). after trying it on we stood in the aisle debating whether i was too old/young to be wearing fur? is this trying too hard? should a mom to three (young) kids wear a fur coat (you know, sticky fingers, spit up, etc.)?

we debated, and i talked myself out of it. we left the Rack and headed over to the actual Nordstrom for some lunch and more holiday shopping. we enter the building and what do I see on the mannequin immediately as we enter?!


Nordstrom Glam

now, i am not saying i'm a Nordstrom stylist, but that is EXACTLY the outfit i had in mind when i pictured myself in that gorgeous jacket that i talked myself out of. as women, we are our own worst enemies and our insecurities often get the best of us.

so here are a few tips on what NOT to wear:
  • don't wear something you don't love. if you love it, who cares if it is (or isn't) in style, trendy, the hot ticket?
  • being a mom doesn't mean you can't have style, just be smart about it.
  • dress modestly (shout out to my nieces who are reading this!). don't wear clothes that are too revealing, too tight, or too short. you can still be glam without too much skin.
  • don't sweat the small stuff. and by that i mean who cares if you're 30 and wearing a fur coat? c'est la vie.
and Tman, if you're reading this, that would make a great Christmas prez.