Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Makeup Tips {Extreme Wear}

what better time to experiment with fun makeup extremes than the holidays?! a perfect excuse to try out that tempting new lipstick, some art deco lashes, or stylized mani. here are some makeup tips to take your makeup to the extreme.

Lip Service has some awesomely gnarly "lip tattoos":
sure to take your lips to the extreme, they come in an assortment of cute. or perhaps that's a bit too extreme? how about a bright lip instead:

Nailed It

experimenting with extremes on your nails is fun because it's a fairly safe route. Sally Hansen has these great nail polish strips that give you salon effects, without the salon or the dry time:

wanna give extreme nails a try on your own? then check out this tutorial here.

Hair How To

going to extremes on your hair is probably the riskiest of them all. without risking permanent damage, try something like an extension or clip in to take your hair to the next level. feathers are always a fun addition to any hairstyle and Nordstrom has some great clip in options:

or you can DIY and purchase your own feather extensions for a little bit of added drama:

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  1. I wanna try violent lips but they are so expensive!

  2. I Love SH nail strips!!!
    Have you seen the Holiday ones?
    That Violet Lip stuff sounds good I should give them a try!

  3. cool polish stripes

  4. I REALLY want to try the Violent Lips, but kind of feel like I would never actually wear them anywhere as they are a little crazy!

  5. I've never tried lip tattoos I wonder how they would look!

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