Thursday, December 8, 2011

Spornette "Little Wonder" Review and Volumizing Tips

i recently received the "Little Wonder" from Spornette brushes and thought i would give you guys a review. the Spornette company operates on the philosophy that "a hair brush is an extension of a person's ego". what does your hair brush say about you?

one thing i can never get enough of is VOLUME. ironic that when i was a teenager i tried to make my hair flat as possible, and now as an adult i want lift! this "Little Wonder" is designed for teasing, up dos, back combing and creating volume in your hair. it is made with tourmaline bristles that are designed to condition, and pure boar bristles for styling.

as a volumizing brush i really like it. the integration of boar bristles with the tourmaline creates a great brush platform to "grab" the hair gently. teasing with a comb or brush does not work as well since it does not "grab" the hair as easily to tease, causing you to back comb several times. the "Little Wonder" works so well that only a few back combs gives instant volume. anything that saves me time when styling is a thumbs up in my opinion.

here is the "Little Wonder" in all it's glory

a close of up of the bristles
overall i am very satisfied with this product and would recommend it if you are in the market for a new teasing brush.  if volume is what you want, Spornette has a few more tips to get you there:

How to Create Volume in Your Hair
  • towel dry hair.
  • apply mousse or gel by the roots of your hair.
  • tilt your head downward and brush hair from the roots outward while apply heat from the dryer.
  • when completely dry, use the dryer's cold button for maximum support.