Monday, December 5, 2011

Raspberry Lip Tutorial

here's a tutorial to help you create your perfect party pout. the colors i am using will create a great raspberry shade (one that looks great on nearly everyone). if you have a different color in mind, go for it. just follow the steps provided.

begin with a fresh canvas. this means applying your liquid foundation over your lips and dusting with a pressed powder. doing so allows you to create your desired shape or stick to the shape you already have.

choose your colors. i am using Revlon ColorStay pencils in Red and Nude.

outline your lip shape with your red. my upper lip is a bit thin so i go just slightly outside my natural lip line.

take your nude color and pencil over red outline and fill in the rest of your lip. don't worry about being too uneven, applying a gloss once finished "glosses" over any imperfections.

present your pout. here's mine, colored in and glossed out.

i tried smiling but then you couldn't see the color as well. this awkward stare will have to make do.




  1. love this shade of lips ;-)

  2. I love your long tresses :)


  3. Great idea,I hate when I have to retouch my lips every minute.Kisses from

  4. Love it! i always have trouble doing this right!

  5. Goregous! Thanks for stopping by today! i have enjoyed exploring your blog! I also joined as a follower!

  6. Kris-I love your blue steel. Looks good on ya :) love ya!

    Abby shai