Friday, May 25, 2012

DIY Lipgloss

here's DIY i created last winter, but now that spring is approaching i thought we could use a little refresher.

for this you will need:
  • a small container
  • lipstick of choice
  • Q-tips
  • Vaseline
begin with a small container

with your Q-tip, remove lipstick and place in container. i used a lipstick that was nearly gone (a personal fave Viva Glam IV)

my lipstick was nearly gone, however there was still about a quarter inch left inside the tube. mix lipstick with a dollop of vaseline inside your small container and you have yourself a tinted lipgloss:




  1. awesome way to stretch that last bit of lipstick. That jar is too cute! I'll have to look for it.

  2. I love this idea!!!! I love Vaseline as well!!! Awesome post

  3. So weird...I was literally just searching the internet for tutorials on this and you just happened to put one up! I cannot wait to try mixing lip sticks to make my own colors! xoxo

  4. My nail lady/pedicurist always tells me to put vaseline on my feet at night, then to put on some socks in order to keep them from getting dry/cracks. I guess she knows what she's talking about ;)

  5. Yes, this is Great! I watched my mom do this all my life. She used an orange stick to get lipstick out and then I started using the 'designer' coffee stirrers from McD's, but the plastic will break if you're not very careful. My mom would put hers in small aspirin tins & stuff. My mom ALWAYS had the most beautiful lips. She would line them and always put a frost on top of her color. Her lips were always perfect. She always left a tube of lipstick by the front door and always told us to use it, on the way out. I started doing this with eyeshadow, also. If I dropped an eyeshadow or somehow it became loose, I put it in a small jar (like shown above). One of my fav noirs fell and fractured. I have it now in a small glass jar. I wet an eyeliner brush and use it for eyeliner over a crayon pencil. What I like about that is,I can use a different color crayon pencil over the liner - eggplant, dark green, navy blue - for touch ups, during the day. GREAT idea! Also, for blush, Nivea has different color lip moisturizers (cherry, etc). I use this for a fast blush day/night & inbetween and this color LASTS! You only need use a little. For hair: take gel, mix it with a little water and microwave. Nothing will move.