Monday, January 9, 2012

Basic Eye Makeup Tutorial 1-2-3

i have had a lot of positive feed back about these tutorials, so here is my basic Greige eye. easy as one, two, three. if there is every a specific shade or style you would like to see broken down, just message me and i would be happy to create it.

begin with a neutral shade over entire eye. i used MAC's Shroom for this particular look:

with a pencil brush or sponge tip applicator, apply your greige shade directly above lash line and make a small rectangle at the edge of your eye.

take your fluffy brush and blend around the rectangle to diffuse the color.

enjoy your greige eyes. make them really pop by lining your upper and lower waterline with a black/kohl eyeliner.



  1. Kristie, this is so pretty. I have a couple of questions. What is a pencil brush? Can yu do an eye tutorial for those of us with smaller eyes? When I do too much eye shadow it is very quickly too overdone. Thanks!

    1. Bonnie, okay, it took a little longer than a week but your tutorial will be up next MON, Feb 9. xo

  2. nice and subtle, very lovely

  3. Very simple yet pretty =)

  4. Bonnie, a pencil brush is a brush with dense, compact, short, stiff bristles. when powder is applied, it is a similar effect as when using a pencil, it is very precise. many brands carry a pencil brush, but often times a sponge tip applicator works just as well :)

    i would be happy to do a tutorial for smaller eyes. i will try to put one together for next week.

    CCI, ICCT, and Hunter, thanks ladies!