Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Week In Pictures

some pretty big milestones for Blushing Basics this week.

remember this car here:

since it was virtually undriveable, we traded it in for this one here:

we signed up our little Sissy Boo for dance class. i'm not sure who is more excited, me or her:

Tman and i celebrated our wedding anniversary:

and i get to stare at this gorgeous babe while giving myself a pedicure:

those lashes KILL me.



  1. oh.... your daughter is beautiful! and sorry about your car, but at least something good cam out of it... a new car ;-)

  2. A new car! woot! and your daughter is GORGEOUS!!

  3. oh my goodness - she is just a bundle of adorable! Those lashes are to die for!

  4. I was so grateful nobody was seriously hurt when I heard about the accident. Glad you could get such a great trade in.

  5. i love your baby's cheeks! My son has beautiful thick eyelashes and I'm stuck with short not so thick ones. :(

  6. lovely post specially that cutie... she's adorable.
    blessings hun

  7. I didn't know you were in an accident. Glad everyone is ok.
    I like the new car... but no more Ohio license plate!
    I've never seen such lashes on a baby! In fact, the only ones I've seen like these were the fake ones in magazine ads :) She's lucky and gorgeous.