Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Week In Pictures

 i have several New Year's resolutions this year and most of them involve a more organized form of blogging. one of my new resolutions is to capture my week in photos. this week was particularly fun because it was spent with 25 members of my family. that means late nights, early mornings, and lots of laughter.

Lo-Lo's chicken & waffles, a delicious treat

this is what it looks like when you ask for a table for 25

New Year's fireworks
my niece and her bestie

i was able to be the MUA for this canvas

partying till 12:01. then we went to bed.

hope you all had a great New Year's Eve!

another resolution is have scheduled posting from here on out. i know i have been a bit MIA for the last two weeks but be prepare for a future of regular How-To's, Tutorials, Giveaways, Guest Posts, and more!

speaking of giveaways, the time has come to announce the winners to the Julep Maven giveaway and the China Glaze giveaway.

congratulations Kristin for winning the Julep Maven giveaway!

congratulations Jennaroo for winning the China Glaze giveaway!

thanks for taking the time to enter ladies! please contact me with your mailing addresses so that we can get your winnings delivered.



  1. Happy New Year to you too

  2. lol lovely photos

    happy new year!

  3. Ooh, passed out next to the red velvet cake, which I had a piece of as well! So yummy! -Jessica