Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week in Pictures

between two sick children, we didn't make it out of the house much this week. instead we spent our time building legos:

we may not have made it out of the house, but we did get some excellent goodies in the mail:

many reviews to come!

you can see my review of these products here
we had some fun (and much missed) O-H-I-O friends visit. between two babysitters, a few wrong turns and a ridiculously long wait, we enjoyed some yummy sushi.

last night i stayed up WAY too late creating my new Welcome Page for Facebook. if you haven't "Liked" me yet, this is what you see when you arrive. if you have "Liked" me, you can see it here.



  1. OMG i must have sushi asap!

  2. I've been following your blog for quite some time. I love it!!
    I just had to comment today & tell you how gorgeous your pic is!

  3. thank you Valerie, that just made my day :)

  4. The picture of those Legos makes my heart ache that Ben and the Co-man don't get to play together anymore. Ben's favorite thing these days is the same thing: Sitting for hours at the little table in his room, building tricked out Lego ships and squeezing on as many characters as he can, preferably HP or Star Wars. He has asked me quite a few times if we can go visit Denver. :) Who did you get to see from OH? so fun!