Saturday, February 11, 2012

{Saturday Style} Introducing Kim

my sister has this hairstylist who she loves. this hairstylist has a love for fashion. i love to bring all these loves together and introduce you to Kim, who will be providing us with with some styling guest posts every Saturday

I’m Kim

I'm a wife, mother of two, part time hairstylist, crafter, and I’m a big time SHOPPER! Kristie asked me to join her once a week to give my two cents about what’s new in the fashion world. I wanted to start this week off by talking about one of my least favorite words …organization . If you are anything like me, whenever I’m stressed or have a bad day I tend to hit the shops to cool down.. and manage to leave with a few bags full of things :/(hubs hates that) I don’t believe that I need to change my method of how I “cool down” but I have tried to take a different approach .. for the year 2011 (last year) I made a goal to become more organized throughout my home(I am still not even close to being as organized as I wish I was).. my closet was the last on my list.. as I began to “attack “ my closet I noticed I had A LOT of doubles of things … two mustard yellow tights, two pairs of light pink flats (different brands, but almost identical), two striped blue cardigans.. etc. I then knew that it was a MUST that I organize my closet to be able to see what I have.. and to help separate my wants from my needs when I do go out shopping… I began to think of how I could utilize the space that I have .. I am lucky (until we move in April) to have a HUGE closet.. actually it’s a bedroom:

My husband was fed up with there being NO room for his things in our closet, correction no room to even walk. So while I was at work one day, he knocked a large hole in the wall

to the bedroom next to the master closet and grabbed a few shelves from IKEA and whaalaa.. my closet. (I know I know he rocks!) but knowing that this dream of a closet won’t last forever I knew I needed to organize accordingly… while out garage selling one day I ran across a pots and pans holder (originally silver) for $7 so I bought it.. with a little spray paint and a hook for the ceiling from Home Depot, it now holds all my scarves . This helps me to be able to see what I have while I’m dressing for the day.. and I know what I have for when I’m out getting my “fix”(shopping) so I don’t double up.. Another thing I found to be helpful are these amazing little things:

I have found these all over the valley (Arizona) from garage sales to thrift shops.. for as little as 13 cents a piece! I have a SMALL obsession with tights (BECAUSE I HATE SHAVING MY LEGS) I lost track of what and how many I had so now I hang my tights… by color..i also use these hangers to hold all my skirts (organized by “style” pencil, short, long, vintage etc.) again this helps for dressing and for future shopping.. here are a couple other things I have to help keep me organized:

Hopefully I was able to inspire you to keep an open mind while you’re out and about, you never know what you can do the someone else’s “junk” ..


thank you Kim for your great organizational tips! i can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the future.

if you want to connect with Kim, you can find her here on Facebook. on her wall she posts pictures of her OOTD (outfit of the day) and lists where she bought each item. i love these posts because her style is so unique and fun.



  1. amazing closet, love all the accessories

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