Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Smoky Eye Tutorial

here is take 2 of my Destination Beauty "Be The Next Beauty Guru" tutorial. the first one had A LOT of little errors. this new formatting style took some getting used to. this second attempt was much easier and i am pretty happy with the result.

here is a tutorial that not only works for the Red Carpet, but also for your Valentine Smoky Eye. why not try something new this Valentine's Day? spice things up a bit.

hope you have somewhere fun to go, and something fun to do, with someone you love.



  1. Beautiful Kristie ... Thanks !! xox

  2. BEAUTIFUL I need to try this.

  3. Love, love, love! I'm going to have to try some false lashes now. My question is how would you do smokey eyes for someone with deep set eyes? When I've tried it, I end up looking like a corpse!

  4. Love!! and you need a twitter babe! I get so many offers from twitter!!

  5. Hi Kristie! GREAT tutorial, I need all the make-up help I can get so this is perfect! Great tip on applying foundation down towards the neck, I never do that!