Saturday, February 25, 2012

{Saturday Style} Mixing Prints

Once again another topic that seems to be a bit scary to try .. But once you see polka dots and stripes, or stripes and cheetah print paired together, you'll realize it is really quite easy :) Here are a few pointers:
  1. Blend small designs with large designs, example ... Bold thick stripes paired with a soft floral.
  2. Throw a "solid" on .. when wearing mixed prints try to wear a solid pant or cardigan to soften the look.
  3. Stick to a neutral shoe .. black, brown, tan, nude... you have enough going on with all the prints. Keeping it simple down below will keep your audience looking where you want them to look (without them giving the "what was she thinking when she left her house this morning?" look.)
REMEMBER there are ALWAYS exceptions to the "rules" and these three things are more like guidelines to help you begin the process of picking the right mixed print for you.
Here are few examples of mixed prints that I enjoy wearing!
florals and stripes are ALWAYS friends! this is a pairing that NO ONE can go wrong with ! (notice the colored pant..:)..)
shirt-forever 21 ($12.95), cardigan-goodwill (vintage $5.99),belt-goodwill ($2.99), pant-H&M ($12.95)

again the cardigan softens the "look" by being the solid , but is not necessarily a MUST.
shirt-forever21 ($9.99), cardigan- H&M ($19.95), skirt-forever21($7.95), necklace-gift

oh cheetah print how i love thee. I saw this lovely duo on pinterest (i'm obsessed) and the next day, was working on this pairing. it somehow works right? shirt-forever21 ($19.95), skirt-nordstrom rack (old)

shirt-forever21(old),cardigan- H&M ($19.99), pants-forever21 ($9.95), shoes -marshalls (jessica simpson) ($39.99)

shirt-forever21 ($19.95), skirt-forever21 ($7.95), cardigan-H&M ($12.95)

casual look while mixing prints
shirt-forever21 ($12.95), cardigan-banana republic ($19.95), pants-forever21 ($12.95)