Friday, February 24, 2012

Spornette Brush Review

this video here:

won me TEN brushes from Spornette. that's right, TEN (i have already managed to give away five).

if you would have asked me before using my new Spornette brushes, "does a good brush really matter?" i probably would've answered with "sure it helps, but it is non-essential". case and point, take a look at my old brushes:

so embarrassing, don't judge.
my paddle brush had these nice little "tips" that massaged my scalp when i brushed. i found out recently that those "tips" actually catch on hair, causing hair to break. for future reference, avoid any plastic tips on brushes.

my barrel brush had actually cracked at the top, due to overheating, and that crack always caught my hair. the barrel of the brush had been dented and the bottom casing was ill-fitted and would also catch hair.

guess what? a good brush IS essential. a good brush will add shine, protect hair, won't cause breakage, and will style like a champ. here are some of the brushes Spornette offers:

the wooden brushes are part of their "Italian" line and are made with boar bristles, proven to add shine and are extremely gentle on your hair.

the blue brush (Farenheit 464) is my personal favorite. it styles extremely well due to its metal barrel and boar bristles mixed with synthetic bristles. it has this cute little removeable orange pin that helps you section your hair while you blow dry. the barrel design doesn't "catch" hair, meaning less breakage. the best part, it is affordable.

Spornette brushes can be found at be sure to visit to view their complete line of brushes and learn which brush works best for your styling needs.

let me say it one more time, i've learned my lesson and a good brush IS essential. if you have been putting off replacing your old brush, i would suggest giving Spornette a try.



  1. I don't use round brushes. But really need to invest in one. Will look into these as I tend to keep my brushes for a long time.
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  2. I have a round brush but my hair gets caught in the groove where the handle meets the round brush part. Ouch! These look nice. I will have to check them out.