Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Enjoy Product Review {Hair Tutorial}

recently i was sent several products from Enjoy Hair Care. they were extremely generous in including a wide range of styling products for me to try. here is a glimpse of some of the products:

among the products, some of my favorites were the Enjoy Texture Spray and the Enjoy Thermal Spray. i love the texture spray because it is easy to apply (lovin' the spray bottle) and gives your hair just the right amount of texture without being too sticky or gritty. the Thermal Spray is designed for application before curling and after. this ensures that your hair is not only protected while being curled, it also helps the curls to hold.

while those are my two favorite products, the whole line is incredible. products ranging from gels, to antifrizz, Enjoy has you covered (in fact, Tman has been using the gel...and likes it!) if you are interested in purchasing any of the products, you can find them by visiting Enjoy's website.

here's a hair tutorial i put together using my new Enjoy products. enjoy! (pun intented)

and if you're interested in giving these amazing products a try, Enjoy is offering one blushing basics reader the chance to win Enjoy Shampoo and Conditioner. and did you know, the shampoo also doubles as a luxurious skin wash and the conditioner is great for shaving, bonus!

to enter:

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  3. leave me a comment letting me know you did.


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  18. Looks great! I just got the thermal spray and want to use it with hot rollers should i spray it in my hair when its wet and wait for it to dry or spray it in dry?

    1. You can do either but I prefer dry. Spraying while hair is wet can leave it a bit crunchy. xo