Monday, March 12, 2012

Lipcolor Tutorial 1-2-3 {Spring Trend}

this spring, bright colors have hit the market. from clothing to makeup, adding bright accents is a must. one of the easiest ways to add a bright color is through lipstick because bright eyeshadow can be a bit intimidating.

i've created this simple step by step tutorial on how to achieve your own bright smile:

for this tutorial i am using my Vincent Longo cosmetics
start with your essential tools for lipcolor: a lipstain, a lipliner and a lipgloss.
  1. begin with your (exfoliated!) bare lips.
  2. apply lipstain. this ensures that your lips won't look wonky once your lipgloss or lipliner wear off. the stain will keep lips looking bright.
  3. follow with a lipliner. apply lipliner along outer edge of your lips (for fuller lips) and lightly smudge with your finger tip so that there are no harsh lines.
  4. finish with your bright lipgloss. break out your smile and enjoy!