Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Braided Up Do {Tutorial}

Tman and i just spent some time in the windy city and i have A LOT to share with you. i never considered Chicago the place for beauty lovers but believe me, i did more shopping, spa-ing, hairstyling and beautifying than i have in a long time. over the next week i'll be sharing my escapades with you.

our first stop: the Chicago Shopping event. the Chicago Shopping event was a beauty bloggers dream. i was able to have my makeup done, my hair done, and shopped all night. now that's a good time.

here's the up do created by my girl from Mario Tricoci Salon. she created an amazingly simple yet chic up do from a basic french braid. here's how it was done:
  1. begin by "dirtying" up the hair. apply some texturizer and do some light teasing all around the crown. the more texture and "roughness" to the hair, the easier it is to style, and stay styled.
  2. do a basic french braid.
  3. instead of finishing with a rubber band, twist end of braid back up into hair and pin in place with bobby pins.
  4. gentle pull pieces of the braid outwards to "muss" up the style. this makes the style look more intricate and complicated, rather than just braided.

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  1. Ohh this is really cute. I'm doing this tomorrow.

  2. Kristie, I love your blog! I'm trying this braid right now on my little girl! xo~ Charissa