Thursday, April 26, 2012

Makeup Touch-up {How-To}

yesterday i posted about the Chicago Shopping event i recently attended. i had my nails done hair done everything did, fancy huh?

before walking the Red Carpet, Estee Lauder was there to give some makeup touch-ups so i thought i would share the key points when touching up your makeup.

  • remove shine. those of us with normal to oily skin tend to look a bit shiny by the end of the day so give your shine a quick once over with some powder, or blot shine away with some blotting paper.
  • freshen your glow. give your blush or bronzer a little more color as it tends to fade throughout the course of the day. same goes for your eyeshadow, reapply your highlight as it is typically the first color to lose it's lustre.
  • touch up your lips. technically there is such a thing as too much lipgloss, however i like to reapply like it is going out of style. 


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  1. Great pointers.

  2. While your info is interesting, please use correct capitalization. Seriously, it is distracting when reading, and does a disservice to the already challenged educational product in the U.S. You are cute; you don't need to be inventive in this manner to stand out. Let your work stand out. If it continues--ciao.