Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Revitalash Makeup Review

did you know Revitalash made makeup? neither did i. when they asked me to review some products i was more than happy to oblige considering i hadn't tried or heard reviews on them. Revitalash Lash Serum itself is a pretty reputable product (one of the best) so i shouldn't have been surprise to find that their makeup was just as impressive. seriously.

the Highlighting Pencil goes on smooth, gives just the right amount of shimmer and the color is good for all skin types. i've used it on myself, in addition to makeup clients and have been completely happy with the results. the Raven 12 hr Eyeliner is what really knocked my socks off. this bad boy is so creamy and easy to apply you would think it would wipe off just as easily. nope. i had my eye makeup holding strong from 8am until 11pm. now that is impressive.

here's a quick tutorial of my favorite simple smoky eye using my Spotlight Highlighting Pencil & Raven 12 hr Eyeliner:

  1. apply Spotlight Highlighting Pencil under the brow bone and Raven 12 hr Eyeliner just above lash line.
  2. apply a dark shadow (i'm using gunmetal by Urban Decay) over the top of your eyeliner and cover the eyelid.
  3. apply a medium brown shade above dark shadow to help diffuse color upwards.

that's it. this eye look was so easy to achieve and the best part is that it did not smudge, crease or smear for over 12 hrs. Revitalash knows how to give good face.


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  1. I've been wanting a cream highlighter for the brow bone, because I can't seem to get mine to stay on... I'm going to see if I can track this down. Thanks Kristie :)