Thursday, July 19, 2012

Calgon Take Me Away Body Sprays {Review}

Debbie is back with another review. Trust me, it is a worthwhile read. She's hilarious.

It’s that time. Time to discuss bodily scents. Really, have you smelled yourself? Go ahead. No one’s looking. 

Smell that? Nothing. That’s right. Nothing. That little perfume you lightly spritzed this morning barely registers on the “memorable” scale. It’s so benign no one will ever be able to follow your scent should you get lost on the way to the bathroom. What you need is an in your face, unmistakable, who-set-off-the-flower-bomb-in-here kind of smell. For safety’s sake. 

Enter Calgon.

You may remember Calgon from their well-known “Take me away!” ad campaign from the 70’s and 80’s (cue zoom in on overly dramatic mom with overly fluffy hair).  Or, like me, you may not.  I didn’t hit the age of bodily scent accountability until the mid-90’s and by then it was all about BBW (Bath & Body Works for those without a significant memory involving Lip Smackers and butterfly hairclips). 

Recently revived and repackaged, the Calgon brand is now popping up on shelves across the country, which made me curious to see what the fuss (used to be) about.  

Calgon was nice enough to send two sprays, Turquoise Sea and Berry Ravishing, for review. And review I shall. 

My definite favorite of the two, Turquoise Sea, has musky undertones with a subtle vanilla chaser that was pleasant without being overwhelming. It doesn’t last too long, but I would definitely wear it for a quick pick me up when I haven’t showered in three days am feeling a little piqued.  

As for Berry Ravishing - here are my thoughts: berries cannibalized each other and then threw up. 

But that’s just my opinion.  And you are entitled to your own…just over there. Waaaay over there…Nope. Farther…I can still smell you. 

I tasted the Berry Revishing (I say that with a sneer that’s not readily evident via blog) for hours. Not just smelled it. Tasted it. In my food, in my water, on my baby’s skin (although, when combined with the baby/spit up scent, it smelled surprisingly better). 

Here’s the kicker – I never actually sprayed it! Those intensely lingering fumes were from merely touching the bottle! I’m pretty sure its original use was as a biological warfare agent. If not, the military should certainly look into harnessing its power in the fight against terror. What terrorist could successfully perpetrate mass violence while overpowered by the lethal smell of berry vomit? World = safer. 

So whether you’re looking for a sweet smelling, short-lasting spray or a quick fix for military overspending – Calgon’s got some winners. Take me away, indeed. 

thank you Debbie for such a great review. your point of view is priceless.


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