Friday, July 20, 2012

5 min. Makeup {Beauty Blog Backtrack}

this week's beauty blog backtrack is my five minute makeup face. this tutorial is going to be pretty useful in about 3 weeks once my son goes back to school. i better stop talking about it now because the thought of my oldest already entering 1st grade is making me a bit misty.

applying makeup in the morning doesn't have to be stressful, a chore, or take 30 minutes. applying some fresh makeup can be as easy as taking 5 minutes for a complete face of makeup. YES, i said five minutes. five minutes is the amount of time i spend waiting in the car while I drop my son off at school, or the amount of time it takes to eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast (eat and apply at the same time). i think we could all squeeze in five minutes somewhere in our day so i created a tutorial to show you that it CAN BE DONE!

the key to this? knowing what products to use and what will be most flattering. use a high coverage foundation to eliminate the need for concealer, pick an eye shadow that you can wear solo (eggplant is the best for this, in fact my first MAC shadow was an eggplant color) and know what steps to do. knowing what order to apply your makeup in can take 80% of the thought out of it (i just made up that statistic btw).

so here's the look:

and here's the tutorial:



  1. thanks for the video. I don't usually wear makeup during the week. Maybe this will help me out. :)

    PS. Your new pic looks great!

  2. Love it...thanks! I think I really need to work on contouring better =)

  3. Awesome vid! Thanks for stopping by my page love! Subscribed to yours! Awesome site!