Friday, July 6, 2012

Easy Everyday Hair {Beauty Blog Backtrack}


here is a beauty blog backtrack of a beauty blog written for Blushing Basics as well as Kiki & Co. if you haven't already stopped by Kiki & Co. i would highly recommend it. her blog is filled with some of the cutest DIY's, ideas, and tutorials from clothing to home decor. plus, she let's me post from time to time. she's one of my favorite bloggers and friends.

this beauty blog backtrack is of a simple hair tutorial. it is my everyday, easy, takes 30 seconds, hairstyle. before i show you how simple it is, i want to give some quick love to Pureology haircare. i have been using them on the regular and really appreciate the quality of the product. i use the Precious Oil before blow drying as well as to freshen up dry hair (so sue me because i don't wash my hair every day). it smells amazing and leaves hair smooth, soft and shiny. the Colour Stylist hairspray gives great hold-especially during the summer months-and maintains hold without leaving hair crunchy. head over to to check out these amazing products for yourself.

did i mention i love Pureology?

alright, enough with the shameless promotion but in case you didn't notice, i really love these products. on with the hairstyle!

  1. begin with straight/curly/wavy hair - this looks good on any type of hair
  2. add some lift to the crown of your hair by back combing. this is where your Pureology Colour Stylist hairspray and Spornette Little Wonder really come in handy.
  3. pin back sides with small clips or bobbies and you'll have yourself one rockin' (easy) hairstyle.

for more easy hair tutorials head here


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