Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to Get a Flawless Face {Blushing Basics Series}

i will be spending this week enjoying the beautiful scenery in Sunriver, Oregon where i will face white water rapids, 5 mile hikes, long bike rides and 18 grandchildren all sleeping in one house. my family is big, loud and a lot of fun. it is sure to be a good time.

while i'm gone i will be leaving you with a few Beauty Blog Backtracks to enjoy. today's BBB is the Flawless Face video. after attending a MAC Pro seminar, i created a series of videos teaching what i learned. almost as good as attending the seminar yourself. almost.

i hope you are having a great summer and enjoying every second of it.



  1. I loved this, Kristie! I have some powder that is a bit too dark for me. Now I know what I can use it for. Thanks!!

  2. Yes, LOVED this video, I liked your oundation tips and I would like to try out the beauty blender...

    Oh, and J. Lo is also known as Jennifer Lopez. Hahaha... that killed me. Love you!

    Oh, and PS, I still have to send you your Christmas present. YIKES. Sorry...

  3. Tiff, glad to help :)

    Jordan, i was cracking up at your comment. I could not think of her name for the life of me and you know i love me some J.Lo. once again, maybe i should consider using a script...

  4. Kristie- Thanks so much for your tutorials...I'm ashamed to say I know NOTHING of how to apply are really helping break it down for me.

    Is is possible when you are pulling your brush out of view from the camera, to tell us when you are adding make up to the brush and when you are just pulling away to see how you've blended. Sometimes I feel like I'm trying to spread makeup to thin and other times I feel like I'm "glopping" it on....this would greatly help those of us who are makeup challenged

  5. Marcia, thanks for the suggestion. i will definitely try to keep that in mind the next time i make a tutorial. i get so used to what i am doing that sometimes i forget i am supposed to be showing you EVERYTHING :)

  6. That was awesome, can't wait to try it out. Can you tell me where I can find a beauty blender?

  7. Hi. My name is *** and I'm cosmetically challenged. Thank you SO much for posting these great tutorials!! And here I thought I could get away with glitter and gloss for the rest of my life.

  8. I think you have an amazing blog. :) thanks a lot for the share..