Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Laura Mercier Cinema Noir

Laura Mercier's Cinema Noir is a formidable Fall/Winter 2012 collection. aiming for a modern look with a dramatic twist, you will find smoky eyes, highlighted cheekbones and chic nail lacquers in shades of cocoa. say goodbye to the brights of Spring/Summer and hello to the deep tones of Fall/Winter.

Laura Mercier collections are always a win because they provide universally flattering shades. my sister teases me because i refer to them as a mature makeup. what i mean by that is Laura Mercier follows the trends but isn't overtly trendy. you won't find shocking lime greens and yellows in the collections, purple lipliner will be nowhere in sight. what you will find are classic colors blended with the seasonal trends to create a glamourous look. thank you, Laura Mercier.

my personal standout favorite of this season's collection is the Shimmer Bloc. highlighting used to be a trick used only by the pros. now this makeup technique is seen on tweens, teens, (drag) queens, (real) queens and everything in between. if you are late to hop on the highlighting train, start with a Shimmer Bloc. they are easy to use and provide a gorgeous, flattering shimmer for your cheek bones, brow bones and cupid's bow.

below are some close-up shots of the collection. if you have a favorite Cinema Noir or Fall/Winter 2012 look, i would love to hear.


Nail Lacquer - Organza, Cocoa Suede

Eye Color Duet - Mystere

Shimmer Bloc - Starlet Mosiac


  1. Love everything about this. Dibs???
    Love ya kris :)

    1. haha! spoken like a true sister :) i'll bring you some 'dibs' next week. xo

  2. hey! please put swatches

    1. I'm not one for swatching but I did create an eye tutorial using these products. Hope you'll check it out!