Monday, July 9, 2012

MAC Heavenly Creatures {Review, Pictures, Swatches}

the MAC Heavenly Creature is out of the world, literally and figuratively. each makeup pot is designed with a planetary theme giving the illusion of a solar system wrapped up in one pretty little MAC package. with coordinating Cremesheen Glass, lipstick and polish the collection is completed.

the foundation of the Heavenly Creature collection is the MAC mineralized makeup including the Mineralize Skinfinish, Mineralize Blush and Mineralize Eye Shadow. these products are highly pigmented baked minerals that infuse several colors in one pot. looks are deceiving as these colors blend together to create one high frost finish. the powders have a velvety soft application with a slight metallic sheen.

personally, i am a fan of the Mineralize makeup as it gives deep color payoff. the secret of a good makeup artist is blending several colors to give depth and fulness. with the Mineralize makeup, they take out the guess work of what color works with another and blends them together in one package.

if you are at all interested in this collection run, don't walk, to your nearest makeup counter. just released last week and already several products are sold out online. apparently i am not the only one obsessed with this line.

and because the looks are so deceptive with these colors, i put together a swatch to show you what they look like once applied. readers of Blushing Basics know i am not really a swatch girl, but in this instance i figured it was a necessity. you can see the color swatches below. enjoy!



  1. So I'm pretty naive when it comes to makeup. How do you apply this if multiple colors are involved? Is that the point, to have different colors going across your lids? Or do you take a brush and carefully try to get one color on it to apply? Sorry if these questions are dumb, I've never had this kind of makeup...