Friday, August 10, 2012

Olympian Worthy Golds

in honor of the Olympics (are they really finishing already? more Lochte!!) i decided to pay homage to gold makeup. why should Olympians be the only ones wearing gold right now? Jane Iredale has some great products including gold eyeliner and lipgloss. 

you know i love Jane Iredale products. dubbed 'The Skin Care Makeup', these products look gorgeous gilding your lids and lips in gold. the gloss won't dry out your lips and the eyeliner is so easy to use. plus, the products are actually good for your skin. definitely worthy of an Olympic Gold.

rose gold, well this gold has been making the rounds. Tiffany & Co. introduced a line of rose gold jewelry and Blake Lively introduced rose gold hair. since we all can't afford Tiffany and may not want the permanence of dyed hair, here are some rose gold options that are a little more accessible:

  • MAC Heavenly Creature collection offers this beautiful Skinfinish called Light Year. the rose gold hue of this Skinfinish looks great on cheeks, eyes and decolletage.
  • Jane Iredale has introduced 24-Karat Gold Dust. this shimmering accent can be applied to cheeks eyes and lips, or even mixed with a moisturizer or your favorite hair gel for added shimmer. look out Blake Lively, rose gold hair can now be achieved by everyone.
  • Revlon offers a rose gold lip gloss that is glamorous, on trend and easy on the pocketbook. apparently i have also aged 30 years because i just used the word pocketbook.
get your gold on and be sure to enjoy the closing ceremonies.



  1. What color is that Revlon gloss? It's gorgeous!

    1. Hi Liz, the color is called Rose Gold and it really is beautiful when worn. xo