Thursday, August 9, 2012

Secret Agent Beauty, The Skinnys

i was recently given the Skinny on sexy, kissable lips. literally. my girl Ryan sent me some awesome lip products to try out and here is the skinny on 'The Skinny'. these glosses help to transform your lips into plump and gorgeous by formulations that act as lip treatments as well as plumpers. for a limited time you can purchase all five in a Limited Edition Set.

below is the use of my favorite product of the group, Pretty-Pink Provocateur. pink lips are probably my favorite lip color of all and i am like a moth to a flame when it comes to pink glosses. i like the color, the gloss and the result.

since Secret Agent is so smart, their logo is an ambigram - as in the words Secret Agent can be read right side up or upside down. don't believe me? check the product picture above and rotate your screen. yep, still spells Secret Agent.

i decided to test the big brains of Secret Agent Beauty and see if their products really work as promised: to treat and plump your lips. i concocted a very scientific test where i examined the bottle closely, hello gold flecks.

next, i applied product to my lips sans makeup. that's right, i actually went nude for this (on my face only). below is the before and after picture:

in conclusion, i dare say Secret Agent Beauty The Skinnys really work. do you concur?


editor's note: all corniness in above post will immediately self destruct.


  1. Definitely look plumper in the after pic! Gorgeous colour too

  2. Those look pretty. I like that they visibly plump your lips, not just make your lips tingle like some products. Thesemay may be worth checking out.