Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Spot Treatment for Acne

here is a tip for taking care of your skin's nemesis, the pimple. a good emergency spot treatment for those zits that pop up at the most inopportune moments would be to mix a drop of benzoyl peroxide with hydrocortisone. apply to the affected area.

benzoyl peroxide helps to dry out the pimple and it also acts as an antibacterial agent. the hydrocortisone will help to reduce inflammation and redness. just use caution to not use too much of either. it can actually make acne worse if overused. 

these products do not require a prescription to purchase and can be purchased at any drugstore or pharmacy. if you need any help finding the product, pharmacists are always happy to come out from behind the counter to show you the products necessary.



  1. The benz = me allergic! I did a review on this one soap that works MIRACLES!!!!

  2. He's 6 today?? Tomorrow he'll be getting his learner's permit. For his big wheel.

    So they continue to grow, huh? Good thing because I feel like Landon will be 2 forever and I will cry. PS - Landon's favorite shoes are "Cowen's Cwrocs."

    Also, I never know to mix it with hydrocortisone! Just in time for this unfortunate second head I got going on...

  3. Thanks for the tip! I normally use a benzyl peroxide cream but didn't think to add anything to it. I will give this a try the next time I have a break out :)

  4. Great tip - you have gorgeous skin! And your little one is a cutie!

  5. Hi Kristie, thank you for following my blog & dropping a comment. I really appreciate it. Your blog looks so sleek and clean :)

    Happy birthday to your 6 year old munchkin. They are growing fast indeed. Before you know it, you have an adult on your hands. Thanks for the tip on the ointment. I don't have acne, but I get a lot of annoying pimples and nothing seems to be working anymore :( ... My dad's a doctor and he's given me new anti-biotic so I'll see if that helps.


    P.S Following your blog too

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    My, lady - you're GORGEOUS! Your picture on the side is the first thing I saw when I popped over. Just thought you should know! :)

    Your blog - I love! It seems to be filled with lots of tips and tricks I could use. I'll have to check some more of it out.

    I look forward to reading more from ya! (Oh, and Happy Birthday to your little man!)

  8. Oh how time flies!

    I could so use a tube of this. Those little buggers always pop up at the worst times.

  9. thanks for stopping by everyone! i appreciate all the comments :)

  10. What a cool blog! Great tip too, putting that one in the file for those blemishes that I still get as a 30 year old!! Found you on the Favorite Things Friday blog hop.


  11. Great tip. Thanks for stopping by my blog...following you back!

  12. Great tip!!

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  14. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm in my mid-twenties and still suffer breakouts, Will def, try this suggestion.

    Following you back, thanks so much for stopping by today!


  15. very good tip!! i hate breaking out at my age now!!

  16. You;re not going to believe this until you try it; however Benz. Peroxide instantly relieves itchy bug bites. Love it!

    Thanks, Renee

  17. awesome tip! already have the hydrocortisone. i just have to hunt down the benzoyl peroxide